Will CBD Make Me Fail A Drug Test?

CBD or cannabidiol is increasingly emerging as a strong supplement for the treatment of many diseases that have proved difficult to be handled or treated in the past. This explains why it has been medically legalized in some countries to aid in the treatment of some health disorders.

CBD has proved effective for the treatment of anxiety, joints inflammation, nausea, epilepsy, cancer, seizures, arthritis and many more. It is also being used as a relief from pain thereby acting as a form of pain reliever.

What Types of Drug Tests Are There?

If you do use cannabis topicals and other cannabis products as well, it’s important to find out which type of drug test a prospective employer uses. You can get this information from current employees if you know any; information on drug testing policies is also often available on websites like Glassdoor. The three main types of drug tests involve urine, blood, and hair.


Urine testing is by far the most common type of pre-employment drug screening. It also costs the least to administer, lending more popularity. In urine tests, THC left in fat cells is detected because it is washed out of the body through elimination. This type of test can determine the use of cannabis as far back as 4 weeks, on average.

If you are a heavy cannabis consumer, however, this test might determine your use even farther back.



Blood tests are more effective and more costly for employers but can detect THC in the body over the prior 48 hours in most cases.


Hair tests are by far the most effective and detect THC metabolites in the hair follicle – these go back three months (hair tests can also show “false positives due to environmental pollution and other factors”, according to Reiman).

Since its legalization in some countries, CBD has increasingly been patronized by patients who suffer from one or more of the above issues, and the end result of its usage in treating these health issues has been positive. Making it to gradually build its way to being globally accepted as a medical supplement for drugs productions and all.

Making it to gradually build its way to being globally accepted as a medical supplement for drugs productions and all.

There have however, been questions as to if its usage and consumption would affect or make one fail a drug test. Since it is a great component of the highly abused plant; cannabis.

With the increasing rate of drug tests in so many facet of the modern day life, there’s been a heightened level of panic among people using CBD for medical purposes. This suspicion is the purpose of this article; to clarify CBD users of their suspicion.


CBD as a prominent property of cannabis alongside tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be suspected to have intoxicating effects. But with research and studies conducted, CBD alone does not intoxicate its users.

It can even counteract the psychoactive property of the THC which is the component of cannabis that is responsible for the euphoric altering of moods and behavior of marijuana consumers.

In essence, THC is the property of cannabis responsible for the intoxicating feeling gotten from cannabis.

So, with the revelation that CBD does not intoxicate or make one “stoned” or high, the simple and direct answer is no. CBD alone won’t make you fail a drug test, but there is a misconception.

CBD, even though it counteracts the psychotic property of THC, has lesser amount of THC which is not enough to intoxicate one or result to one being screened out in a drug test. In conducting a drug test or screening, what they are after is the presence of THC, which is less likely to be seen in the consumption of CBD alone.

It therefore suffices to state that, even though CBD has a whole lot of essential health benefits, and using it alone is less likely to result in failing a drug test or screening, it is of great importance to also note that its recreational usage is highly not recommended as it can increase the level of THC in the body.

In all, It is good to take CBD based on doctor’s prescription to be free from failing a drug test. It is also advisable to refrain from the use of CBD before conducting a drug test or screening.

Discriminatory Drug Testing

Reiman noted that drug tests can be used in a “discriminatory way” that may amount to privacy violations or based on drug use assumptions by some employers – this is the type of situation you want to avoid at all costs, even if all you use is topical.

Unfortunately, drug testing is still a large part of the employment game and you should always look at a potential or current employer’s drug policies to keep yourself informed. Go ahead and use that cannabis-based lotion or salve to help you with pain or other medical issues, though – you won’t test positive unless you are consuming cannabis in some other way.

Another good idea is to consult the cannabis topical company and ask how much THC the product contains.

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