Benefits Of CBD Topicals

The introduction of marijuana extract, CBD, into pharmaceutical topicals has ensured an increase in recovery and healing time for skin infections and inflammations.

A topical is a gel or balm that is applied to the skin for pain relief and skin irritation. Unlike smoking cannabis, the presence of CBD in topical doesn’t affect the brain in any way whatsoever.

Why CBD Works Well on The Skin

There is an underlying network of neurons in the human nervous system, this network spans the entire area of the human body and attached to their endings are cannabinoid binding magnets known as CB2 receptors.

These receptors are activated by internal cannabinoids called endocannabinoids when they occur naturally, or compounds of cannabis sativa extract like cannabidiol (CBD).

When applied to the skin in a blend with topical gel, CBD cannot get in contact with the blood because of the impact they already have on the CB2 receptors.

However, it is worth stating that there are transdermal patches which transport the CBD into the bloodstream and in rare cases of unusual overuse, this could bring about tendencies of mild psychoactive effects.


Why is CBD Preferred to THC?

Of the over 120 compounds contained within cannabis, CBD is of a lesser proportion to only tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

When marijuana is smoked or ingested, THC produces the high. On the contrary, when THC is mixed with topical and applied to the skin, it doesn’t produce the same high as it does when it is smoked or ingested.

Benefits of CBD Topicals

Due to the wrinkles and stretch marks caused on the skin by free radicals, our skin needs antioxidants for protection from damage, because these antioxidants to help fight the effects of aging.

CBD on its own is a powerful antioxidant, this means that it protects the skin from free radicals environmental pollution, UV rays, and smoke.

CBD topicals contain a lot of nutrients like minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins. All of these essential nutrients help promote impeccable skin health.

Vitamin A and D present in CBD, play a huge role in skin repair, support skin cell growth, and inhibit oil production so your skin is kept soft. Vitamin C and E boost collagen and elastin production, which helps to maintain a more youthful appearance.

And vitamin B complex helps in the construction of skin, hair, and nails. This helps prevent dermatitis and other frustrating skin conditions.

CBD also boosts homeostasis and healing because of the manner in which it relates to the CB2 receptors in the skin.


Applying CBD Topicals For Quick and Effective Results

Topicals should be lightly massaged into troubled areas of the skin so that the CBD oil can work directly where it is needed most.

Ingesting CBD products orally causes CBD and other compounds to enter the bloodstream, which elicits full-body effects and takes up to 2 hours or more before those effects are experienced.

With CBD topicals, the healing compound and other hemp-derived nutrients are almost immediately absorbed directly through your skin, allowing them to target the affected area for faster and more focused effects.

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